Learning new languages (or not) is a mindset problem.

Learning languages (or not learning) is a mindset problem. People with one mindset make efforts to learn it. Those with the other mindset don’t.

Throwback Soundtrack: 1942 – A Love Story (1994)

1942 – A Love Story is arguably, one of RD’s best albums, if not legendary. Although, there are few low points in the album, 4 out of 7 is not all that bad, especially when those 4 are among the best ever compositions by the composer. It’s unfortunate that the composer didn’t live long enough to receive his third Filmfare Award for Best Music.

Pink (2016)

(#) 10/10
(+) Just about everything
(-)┬áIt’s not reaching the masses. Wish it was dubbed in every dialect.

Don’t paint the film with feminism. It’s not feminism. It’s not anti-chauvinism. It’s humanism.