I saw you, a while back, smiling, Blooming like yellow flowers of summers, I saw, a frame, “Picture Perfect”, One …

A typical day

Every morning I wake up, I wake up to sadness, A gloomy heart left with a void, Noon flies by recollecting your …


I dreamed, built hopes, Built a few castles in the air, Few, I could realise, I dreamed, just hoped For …


In search of you, I’ve treaded many a paths, Walked many a miles, In search of you, I’ve been here, …

The 2000km Round-Up

I waited for three weeks to write a 1000km round-up blog. And when Ananya actually hit that 1000km mark, I …

The “North India” Trip – Episode 5

All the PCBs, optics and wirings in the camera were there on the screen. The CRPF personnel asked me where I was from. Then he asked me what I was doing in Jammu. I answered.

Ananya can sing..

I like long drives. Sometimes these long drives are clueless drives with no defined destination. Back in the days of …

Meet Ananya a.k.a Noor

On October 3, 2015, the new Mahindra Thar was delivered to me in the basement of India Garage.

The “North India” Trip – Episode 4

I threw my ticket, stepped out of the bus and searched for a taxi outside the bus stand. After some great bargaining and another 5 minutes wasted, I was on my way to Patnitop in Kallu’s Tata Indica for just 2300.

The “North India” Trip – Episode 3

When I opened my forcefully shut eyes to a gloomy and hazy afternoon, the train was crossing a huge river and a board next to it read “River Tawi”. I had a “Oh that’s why.. ” moment when I learnt that “Tawi” is actually a river on whose banks Jammu is situated. The train pulled up at Jammu Tawi around 3 PM. Wow! It was the same station that was listed at the top on Rashtriya Atlas’s train routes. I had never thought I would travel this far from home.

The “North India” Trip – Episode 1

Traveling is really not about conquering a mountain peak, but is the trek all the way up to the peak, crossing streams, rivulets, walking through dense woods. It’s not about going to different places to see the monuments, but it is the people you meet, the stories that are built around those monuments.