Not just Karnataka, every state in India should have a flag.

There’s nothing wrong in having a flag dedicated to the state. In fact, I believe every single state in India should be allowed to design and hoist their own flags next to the Indian flag.


A walk through Old Bengaluru

We walked close to ten kilometres today, through a variety of localities, from the crowded Chickpete to the well planned Basavanagudi. I realized how I missed those walks. I realized the need to get back to photography, to fill these blogs with frames that capture the essence of this city, it’s energy and colours. 

You are your city’s ambassador

I believe every city has its own character. Cities are characterized by a synergy that exists between its peoples, cultures, food, economy, art, music and such things.

A simple thanks can mean a lot!

I guess the magic lies in the fact that freshers’ experience of the corporate world is from the outside – they don’t deal with ratings, promotions etc. They don’t stay with us long enough to see the ugly side.

Sorry Adithi! I never hugged you.

She’d stick to me, just like she always had. She took my side even when I was wrong in my life only to put me back on the right track. She’d never question my decisions knowing that I’ll eventually learn things myself. 

Throwback Soundtrack: Jism (2003)

Jism belongs to a time when Bollywood moved from the senseless compositions that dominated the late 90s to cater to a new young audience that demanded quality music.

Say INTERCOURSE at your own risk!!

It’s a shame that our censorship mentality has spread like a virus from movies to our daily lives. In fact, I only see the Hindu society devolving into what the western society was in the medieval ages.

Monsoon is here!

As it showers, keep that book aside, run to your terrace and drench yourself, get soaked in whatever you’re wearing, but make sure you’re wearing something. Stretch your arms out, lift your head upwards, feel those droplets on your face and body.

Throwback Soundtrack: 1942 – A Love Story (1994)

1942 – A Love Story is arguably, one of RD’s best albums, if not legendary. Although, there are few low points in the album, 4 out of 7 is not all that bad, especially when those 4 are among the best ever compositions by the composer. It’s unfortunate that the composer didn’t live long enough to receive his third Filmfare Award for Best Music.

Cinema Originals – Monthly Roundup #4

I felt sorry for this hobby of collecting movies. With streaming becoming mainstream, nobody will ever collect these stuff again. They won’t mind paying for the same movie again, I guess! So I picked up 29 movies this month 😉