As a part of Project Originals, Music Originals is an effort to build a legitimate digital music collection by purchasing music in high-quality digital formats like 320 kbps mp3. Although this format doesn’t match up to the audiophile formats like FLAC or WAV, it’s the most convenient format. The convenience of storing and playing music on multiple devices isn’t something I can compromise on.

I started this project in Jan 2017 and Wynk is a favorite platform because it allows me to use the purchased music across all my devices and it offers 320kbps mp3 downloads.

Some key stats –

Songs Owned Albums Owned What it has cost Cost Per Song
99 13 608 6.14

Albums owned (Kannada)
Beladingala Baale
Chinnari Mutta
Eddelu Manjunatha
Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu
Just Maath Maathalli
Kirik Party
Nammoora Mandara Hoove
Simple Aag Ondh Love Story
Ulidavaru Kandante