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Throwback Soundtrack: Kareeb (1998)

It’s not everyday that you can appreciate the work of a person you’ve always made fun of. And when the work is genuinely good, you have to take a step back, put your ego aside and give credit where it’s due.

Throwback Soundtrack: Jism (2003)

Jism belongs to a time when Bollywood moved from the senseless compositions that dominated the late 90s to cater to a new young audience that demanded quality music.

Throwback Soundtrack: 1942 – A Love Story (1994)

1942 – A Love Story is arguably, one of RD’s best albums, if not legendary. Although, there are few low points in the album, 4 out of 7 is not all that bad, especially when those 4 are among the best ever compositions by the composer. It’s unfortunate that the composer didn’t live long enough to receive his third Filmfare Award for Best Music.