Sustainable Living

After spending all these years on Earth and being a millennial, I believe that humans are devolving in terms of their relationship with nature even as they are advancing in terms of technology that assist them to lead a life. Sustainable living is something humans have to think about before nature pays it all back in kind!

Success tastes sweet and it’s red, about an inch and a half, I call it Tomato

Anyway, I’m happy to share my first harvest. This activity did take a lot of time during weekends, and stopped me from paying attention towards blogging. Plants, after all require more attention till they can carry on their own.

Reusing Reverse Osmosis Plant’s Rejected Water

These two simple steps costing about INR 1000/- ensured that the 11000L of water that we collect in our main underground storage sump can now serve us for about 22-25 days as against 8-10 days before we adopted these changes.

Why use soap, after all?

So, the first big step I actually took was to stop using bathing soap as well as shampoo. Now that’ll come as a shock to most of my readers and right now you may be wondering if I stink because I don’t use soap! 

Rain, water down the drain!

So when it rained dinosaurs today, I was estimating the amount if water that I could have harvested in 4 hours.