Life Projects & Living

“It’s not who I’m, but what I do that matters” said Batman once! It’s important to have hobbies in life. Hobbies give us humans a motto in life, something to work towards. People often cite ‘listening to music’ as a hobby. That’s their pastime. A hobby is something that adds character to your life, that shapes you into a better person or gives a purpose to your life than mere living. Read about such projects I’ve taken up..

The 2000km Round-Up

I waited for three weeks to write a 1000km round-up blog. And when Ananya actually hit that 1000km mark, I …

Ananya can sing..

I like long drives. Sometimes these long drives are clueless drives with no defined destination. Back in the days of …

Meet Ananya a.k.a Noor

On October 3, 2015, the new Mahindra Thar was delivered to me in the basement of India Garage.