Life Projects & Living

“It’s not who I’m, but what I do that matters” said Batman once! It’s important to have hobbies in life. Hobbies give us humans a motto in life, something to work towards. People often cite ‘listening to music’ as a hobby. That’s their pastime. A hobby is something that adds character to your life, that shapes you into a better person or gives a purpose to your life than mere living. Read about such projects I’ve taken up..

Cinema Originals – Monthly Roundup #11

1 Year, 258 movies. I’m happy where I’m headed.

Cinema Originals – Monthly Roundup #10

I’m getting close to quarter of a century, that’s good news. Although I wanted to own 1000 titles by the end of 2017, it seems like a far fetched dream given the input costs. I’ve spent close to INR 35k on these titles, and I’m running out of money because of other lifestyle costs.

Cinema Originals – Monthly Roundup #8

Till date, apart from English, Hindi and Kannada movies, I had bought a couple of Marathi titles in addition to 1 Punjabi title from the Cinemas of India collection. This time, I chanced upon some Bengali movies – 7 of them.

The Girl Clad in Crimson Red

A peculiar thing I observed a couple of weeks after I bought the work is that the girl with the umbrella has only one leg. The knowledge of this has given the art piece a bit of a horror theme to it in my mind. Is she a ghost? 

Cinema Originals – Monthly Roundup #7

200 movies!! Yippeeee! So it took 8 months to score a double century. At this rate, the 1000 mark will probably be reached only by March or April 2020. Huff! Wonder how people collected million DVDs. I don’t even know if I’ll have such a high paying job I’m 2020.

A page from the history

I was visiting my grandparents (mom’s parents) at their house early today when the topic of which belongings of my …

Reusing Reverse Osmosis Plant’s Rejected Water

These two simple steps costing about INR 1000/- ensured that the 11000L of water that we collect in our main underground storage sump can now serve us for about 22-25 days as against 8-10 days before we adopted these changes.

Why use soap, after all?

So, the first big step I actually took was to stop using bathing soap as well as shampoo. Now that’ll come as a shock to most of my readers and right now you may be wondering if I stink because I don’t use soap! 

Cinema Originals – Monthly Roundup #6

Roundup #6, Jul 2017
Titles bought – 21
Total owned – 185

Speaking about classics, my pick of the month happens to be another Yash Chopra movie – a cult classic now, it had flopped miserably in 1991.

Fibromyalgia: First Encounter

I sulked, I ate even more, slept even more hours, was hit by insomnia on some nights, troubled stomach, indigestion, back-aches, strained neck. One day, I was not able to put a spoonful of food into my mouth, sitting at the dining table. I weighed 88 kilos now.

Cinema Originals – Monthly Roundup #4

I felt sorry for this hobby of collecting movies. With streaming becoming mainstream, nobody will ever collect these stuff again. They won’t mind paying for the same movie again, I guess! So I picked up 29 movies this month 😉

Rain, water down the drain!

So when it rained dinosaurs today, I was estimating the amount if water that I could have harvested in 4 hours. 

Cinema Originials Monthly Roundup #2

I think I’ve spent close to Rs 2,500 on movies in March, which is still a sizeable amount and on par with my monthly budget allocation for purchasing movies. But, it’s Blu-Ray that rips you off. Yes, yes! I know! I know that’s why nobody saw / sees any worth in buying those expensive discs.

Cinema Originals Monthly Roundup #1

Oh, there was that another purchase in January I forgot to mention (sic). This one purchase cost me a whopping 1800 bucks! But it’s totally worth it! I’m proud I was able to lay my hands on this last stock available at that store in Malleswaram.