The title may say “Clear thoughts of a Confused Head”. But, it’s in my nature to be confused.

Read random rants, written on stuff that I couldn’t decide which category they actually belong to!

Struggle behind Success – What really is struggle?

Struggle is not subjective. A person’s success cannot be discredited based on that person’s background. Next time when you downplay someone’s success, think twice. 

All about Passion.

It’s a nice thing that certain things in life are either so expensive or so boring that they don’t reach the masses. 

28, still counting…

The voice of C. Ashwath is beautifully bringing to life the words “Baare nanna Shaarade!”, by K.S. Narasimhaswamy, in my …

A take on Kamal Haasan’s ‘Epic’ views!

No, I don’t have an iota of problem in him saying any thing against the Hindu society, Hinduism or even the Mahabharata. But, people like him can be more rational and weigh their words before they come out of their guts!

I miss that life where..

Do you still play ‘antakshari’ when there’s a power cut? Do you still eat rice and sambar using your hands and not using a spoon, when in office?

Project Originals

Collecting things is a beautiful hobby and has always fascinated me. Philately, the hobby of collecting postage stamps, used to …

RIP Abel

We get so busy with our lives that we hardly give time to others in our lives. What we don’t realize is – Sometimes, you just don’t get another chance!

The blue-tunic girl

The blue-tunic girl had been observing all the while and listening to this silly conversation that was going between a school-going kid, his father and an uninteresting 27-year old me!

A New Start…

Hello All, Over the last two years, 257 people have liked this page of mine on Facebook. This page originated …