The title may say “Clear thoughts of a Confused Head”. But, it’s in my nature to be confused.

Read random rants, written on stuff that I couldn’t decide which category they actually belong to!

My Partners

When we talk about partners, two obvious meanings are derived – one that means a life partner, can be a spouse, a live-in partner, a lover and the other that’s in the context of businesses.

And then, we have partner-in-crime. That’s the partner less talked about. 

Catching up with blogging after 10 days!

Beyond fibromyalgia symptoms, short-stories and email writing, another thing did keep me busy and ate into my blogging hours in the last 10 days. A movie called Lamhe. I’ve been so hooked to it that I have watched it 3 times in 5 days.

The thing about being dormant

Dormancy in life’s like a physical object mentioned by Newton. You’re permanently dormant in life unless you commit yourself to change that state, which kind of makes it not permanent. Contradicting, really.

The middle-class approach to leisure and living life

That’s the irony of middle-class. They know to save and they know to enjoy life. They know to find large-sized happiness in smaller things of life. A box of crackers, a box of top-quality sweets, the best of the small cars, a stylish scooter that gives the best mileage, a 40-inch LED TV that we hope will last two decades and so on.

A simple thanks can mean a lot!

I guess the magic lies in the fact that freshers’ experience of the corporate world is from the outside – they don’t deal with ratings, promotions etc. They don’t stay with us long enough to see the ugly side.

Monsoon is here!

As it showers, keep that book aside, run to your terrace and drench yourself, get soaked in whatever you’re wearing, but make sure you’re wearing something. Stretch your arms out, lift your head upwards, feel those droplets on your face and body.

All about Passion.

It’s a nice thing that certain things in life are either so expensive or so boring that they don’t reach the masses. 

28, still counting…

The voice of C. Ashwath is beautifully bringing to life the words “Baare nanna Shaarade!”, by K.S. Narasimhaswamy, in my …

A take on Kamal Haasan’s ‘Epic’ views!

No, I don’t have an iota of problem in him saying any thing against the Hindu society, Hinduism or even the Mahabharata. But, people like him can be more rational and weigh their words before they come out of their guts!

I miss that life where..

Do you still play ‘antakshari’ when there’s a power cut? Do you still eat rice and sambar using your hands and not using a spoon, when in office?

Project Originals

Collecting things is a beautiful hobby and has always fascinated me. Philately, the hobby of collecting postage stamps, used to …

RIP Abel

We get so busy with our lives that we hardly give time to others in our lives. What we don’t realize is – Sometimes, you just don’t get another chance!