The title may say “Clear thoughts of a Confused Head”. But, it’s in my nature to be confused.

Read random rants, written on stuff that I couldn’t decide which category they actually belong to!

Technology and its obsession with unwanted, forbidden memories

Come now!! In the world we live in, how many of us are with the people who were cutting cake with us on our birthday four years ago or were posing for a selfie on that trip three years ago?

Can money buy happiness?

An Instagram post asked this question “Can money buy happiness?” Well above 95% of the responders commented “Yes”. I started …

Of Lollipops and Summer Evenings

Bengaluru’s summers were different when the city was still Bangalore and I was a schoolgoing kid. The city’s unpredictability in …

Winding up 2020

The worst year of modern times is coming to an end. Millions dead, millions more hospitalized. Thousands have lost their …

Being a decent human in indecent times

While decency is quite subjective and people have different levels of acceptance towards different levels of decency, I attribute it to the amount of goodness in the value system you inherited from your parents, friends and education and how much you stick to them.

Breaking The Wall – Floyd & Me

While I’ve never been happier on a personal front, this is not what I am, not what I stand for, not how I envision myself to be. It’s almost as if my inner self, the breakfree being, the rebel is lost somewhere. I need to talk to him, bring him back.

iJust committed blasphemy, iBought an iPhone!

While Windows is nowhere in the scene now, I’m stuck with iOS and I must say, although it hasn’t been an affair to remember like what it was with Windows, it’s at least a stable marriage that I know will last long.

A letter to Mr. C . Roach

Rather than owning up to your fault or fighting me, you chose to run away and hide behind bookshelf. Such a cowardly act only adds to the list of crimes you have committed today.

Thank You Readers!!

Reasons – looks like I always have them, in abundance, to not write. To not write regularly, to not develop this “hobby” of mine which I had committed myself to, to which I owe my intellectual ressurrection, a hobby that I had decided never to abandon ever again.

The irony in my life

The grass is always greener on the other side, and we keep hopping to the neighbouring lawn to ensure we don’t starve ourselves of anything.

Reminiscing ChitraSanthe

So, they shut this road down and host artistes from length and breadth of the country, big time, small time, on the street.

The winter in our lives

The seasons in the past few years haven’t been easy. They’ve been confusing, warm in cold season, cold in warm seasons, drought sometimes, sometimes excessive rain. This year, however, has been pretty much normal except for a little too much of rain. Hearts are in the cold storage, because there’s a certain fear. Confused, warm in cold, cold in warm, drought, excess. But eh, they’ll eventually reach equilibrium, it’s in their nature to do so.