Bangalore is this! Bangalore is that!

A cosmopolitan city for centuries, Bangalore is now a bustling megacity. The city has its own character, problems, bests and bumps!

Read my thoughts on the city, its beauty, the food, the culture, its issues and more…

Dear Bengaluru, stop complaining, start acting.

Bengaluru is dying as much because of you and not just because of a failed administration. Save your city from flooding. Wake up!

A walk through Old Bengaluru

We walked close to ten kilometres today, through a variety of localities, from the crowded Chickpete to the well planned Basavanagudi. I realized how I missed those walks. I realized the need to get back to photography, to fill these blogs with frames that capture the essence of this city, it’s energy and colours. 

Bengaluru Mass-Molestation – A post-mortem analysis – Part I

A number of questions are being asked and statements are being made by different people as a post-mortem of the incident is being carried out. But, how valid are those questions? Are we being reasonable when we ask a few things..? Have we asked all the right questions? Where are we as a society?

A Tale of Two Public Opinions

For the people, by the people, of the people. That’s democracy by the textbook. Very little of that exists today. …