I’m Vishvajith, living in Bangalore, India. I love my city to the core of my heart. I’m a Software Engineer in a Financial Services company headquartered in United States. That’s something 1 in 10 Bangaloreans do.

I’m someone who’s got a long list of hobbies, a long to-do list, yet stuck with a 11 to 8 job trying to achieve some sort of financial security. I believe that humans are meant to dream and that it’s what we do that makes us into the person we are.

ConfusedHead is a name I picked up myself. It indicates the state of mind I’m usually in, stuck between many worlds that I live in, my many hobbies and dreams. Clear Thoughts from A Confused Head is my earnest effort at laying my thoughts down on the table, in the form of a mega platter, with something to taste for everyone.

Music is a constant part of my life, with my earphones playing everything from Rock, Heavy Metal to Indian Bollywood numbers to Folk in my ears. I play western drums and few other Indian percussion instruments.

Movies have inspired me and influenced my life to great extent. I dream of life in big sizes, just like the dreams shown on Indian celluloid.

Photography completes this triad along with Music and Movies. I’m a hobbyist photographer and I like to experiment with photography when I have the right mood and environment for that. When Music and Movies don’t work enough to get me out of a bad mood, Photography works like a charm!

Apart from these, I’ve been into different things at different points in my life, and continue to be into some of those, including amateur theater, travelling and trekking, food, cooking, wedding photography, writing and Chess.

I thank you, my reader, for following my blog, inspiring me to write more and more. I thank you, my guest visitor, for showing interest in my blog and would request you to read through a few of my posts and if you do like them, I’d request you to visit again 🙂