Technology is supposed to make human lives easier. Of late, however, it feels like technology is out there to push me over the edge. It’s hell-bent on ensuring that I’m not at peace.

At first, it was Facebook that started messing with my life. No, I’m not talking just about how smart Facebook’s ads were ten years ago when it had suggested me to like a page on crow a moment after I had put up a post on a dead crow I found in my water tank. I’m talking about how it put me in touch with people who would otherwise not be a part of my life. I had met this girl in a concert that I was a performer in, she was from Mumbai, I was Bengaluru. In the absence of Facebook, we would’ve exchanged our email addresses or may be phone number and after a first couple of exchanges, we would have most likely parted ways. But, no. Facebook was there and we got to chatting on a daily basis.

Now, that was the time when Skype was booming as well. So we started chatting up and video calling there as well. Fast forward by 3 years, she had disappeared and I was left distraught and broken hearted. No, don’t tell me I must have done something wrong or anything of that sort. I’d still claim that all of this wouldn’ have happened had Facebook and Skype not existed. I mean, realistically, how often did people fall in love by writing long distance letters that reached the recipient a whole week later??

And then, we have Google Photos and similar offerings by the others which keep reminding us where we were, and whom we were with, 4 years ago on this very day. I want to know whose idea it was in the first place!! Here’s a young product owner who thought that what people really want in life is for some app to remind them about their past. Now, thr biggest assumption here was that we would still be in the same space of mind and with the same people that we were with 4 years ago. Come now!! In the world we live in, how many of us are with the people who were cutting cake with us on our birthday four years ago or were posing for a selfie on that trip three years ago?

Now, the worst of all these is modern methods of marketing. Companies reaching out to you on your anniversaries or reminding you that you haven’t shopped with them for a long time. Now throughout this year, as businesses came back to normalcy, Tanishq kept sending me offers to buy diamond jewelry telling me how much I miss them and how I had shopped with them last summer. What they don’t know is that I was buying jewelry for my wedding, my fiancé was with me buying it and now that fiancé has become ex-fiancé. Funny how they sent this to me on the fake date we both had filled in as our wedding day to get future discounts.

Forget that! When she decided to break up with me, I was still stuck at home because of the pandemic and the surrounding health concerns. Hoping to get her to talk to me, and to guage her mood, I had used this online service called Winnie to send her her favorite teddy, red velvet cake, white expensive flowers and chocolates. Now, is this a memorable event?

Winnie sends me a mail today reminding me I had shopped for gifts with them on this day last year. It gets better. They even remind me that I had sent it to which specific person. The subject line of the mail read “Your loved ones are waiting for your gifts this year again.” That loved one isn’t with me today. And they want me to shop with them again? For what joy??????

I’m not the one who gets bogged down by this. I do have my nonsense of humor. I replied to the mail.

Yeah, because the gift wasn’t enough to pacify my girlfriend. She broke up anyway.

Take that Winnie! Now go pooh!!