Life’s just been crazy. It has been hard, very hard to catch up with the life I once used to have. Ever since the Little Birdie came into my life, my loyalty shifted towards it and away from here. Also, dedicated a lot of time and energy towards slimming down to a form that has some resemblance to how I looked about ten years ago, before the slumberfest began in my life. And then, a series of downtime for maintenance upgrades required to fight the viruses and bacteria that attacked me from time to time has simply kept me away from all this.

As a matter of fact, even the pandemic didn’t bring out the best in me, in terms of my hobbies. While people were discovering and rediscovering themselves in the midst of the pandemic, I was sleeping when not working and working when not sleeping. It was another tragedy in life that brought me out of this vicious cycle. More about all these past lives later.

It’s weird how life works. I’m probably the least of social people out there. If you’ve read my posts, I had quit Facebook long back. And in these demanding times, when people are depressed and frustrated about not having a social life, I have probably spoken the least to people outside workplace in the last 6 months. I’m not even in touch with my girlfriend on a day to day basis. And I’ve deleted both Twitter and Instagram cutting myself from the so called “social” world.

That’s how “un”-social I’m. That’s how hooked into gaming and work I’m right now. The only skill I’ve bettered during these times is cooking and I wasn’t any bad before.

So yeah, work has been very hectic. Not that anyone’s pushing me towards it, but I’m just getting to learn a lot and utilize my skills to safeguard the J.O.B for the near to mid-future. Job security isn’t something that’s just there. You’ve to ensure you deserve it.

Life hasn’t been any different. Preparing breakfast to ensure the oldies at home eat on time is a task in itself. There’s hardly any time or energy when you club these things together. In a setup where you’re constantly on Zoom calls, there’s little time to pick your phone and talk to your close ones.. More often than not, when you have time on your plate, they’d be in meetings.

This latest incarnation, not sure how long this will last or if it will last beyond even this post, has to do with one person, an unlikely one.

It’s not everyday that I make friends at work. Work and personal life are separate always. I don’t mix these. I don’t mix the people from these two places. Yet, every now and then some people do crossover.

The first such person was that NV girl in Accenture. We always flirted, people thought it’d turn into office romance. She hoped, I didn’t.. I was in my own world. She’s married, we keep flirting, and that’s the core of our friendship, the feeling that never was.

Then there’s this Uppit lady. Keeps scolding me, treats me like her brother in office. Has two dogs and a daughter, loves my Dad’s Uppittu. If I place a demand for a glass of Falooda, she brings a whole bucket of it. I have fun teasing her, life at work has been a lot better because of her.

And then we have the unlikely person. Has two dogs and a daughter, chitchats, paints and what not. Won’t get too much into that, don’t know a lot either. Just that what started of a conversation of gratitude has now turned into banter. Neither of us stop, all we do is share about our own stuff. Not like any of us asked in the first place.

Such relationships are probably a product of this pandemic. If the same two people had interacted in office, would they’ve shared as much about their own lives? Unlikely. It’s just two night owls and the happiness of sharing that made this happen. Just harmless banter.

I realized what was missing in my life for some time now. The free flow of thoughts, harmless banter, the excitement of sharing without any expectations out of it. I’ve always had as many friends as you can count with the fingers you have. Most of them gone now, busy with thier lives, figuring out how to adult, how to raise kids.

And that’s why I had to write this, had to pull myself out of the slumber and pour my heart out about how days have gone by. It was only when I shared this blog and got some feedback on it that I came back here, to read everything I had written in the past, to feel good about what I had written versus the how of it. To thank that person for, unknowingly, reinforcing my belief that you don’t have to be the best in what you do, that you just have to be happy and proud about what you do. That there are other people out there, similar to you, doing things that you also do, fighting their own fights. So this blog, is to that person. Thank you dog loving, plant raising, mom to a girl and two doggies. You protected me from extreme stress levels with your banter, I was chatting with you while working on stuff that could both get me a promotion and take my job away, simultaneously. Your ping, helped me stay sane.