A year and a half ago, I explained why Microsoft should actually buy me a new Android smartphone. Android, because I hate Apple, I always have believed that you’ve to sell your kidneys to buy an Apple device in India. If it’s a computer, you may wanna add your liver to the list of organs on sale.

After all those love affairs and a teary split from Windows OS on phone, I really looked forward to a long term relationship with Android phones. It almost feels like the first Android phone I bought for myself would be the last. I expected it to be a satisfying relationship at the least, if not a romantic affair, it turned out to be a mentally gruelling, disinterested one, where the ‘needs’ are met, but that’s hardly enough for a relationship to last.

So say ‘Hi’ to my new iPhone. Ugh! If you know me well, you’d be laughing your a** off after reading this. Yes, I bought an iPhone. I’m on iOS. I’m using an Apple device.

My hate for Apple devices go back to the days of iPods. They felt nice, premium, but couldn’t do the basic things one expected of proper music players. While my friends owned these tiny beautiful looking devices, I owned a Transcend 8GB music player which equalled iPod’s music quality, included the ability to be used as a thumb drive (that’s right, just plug it in) and also came with a dual color display. Had my mum not overcharged that device, I’d still be using it.

Apple devices have always been beautifully crafted, I’ve always maintained that, but they were never worth the money you paid. Not in India, or countries like India where the phones are unlocked and are not bought on plans from carriers. Over the years, other manufacturers have really caught up with Apple, or even beaten them in terms of designing and manufacturing prowess. Devices like Samsung Galaxy S8,9, One Plus phones, Nokia give you as good a feeling about using a phone as an iPhone would.

All those devices don’t deserve an OS like Android, plain boring OS like Android. Now that I’m using an iPhone, I keep wondering why Android developers, who copied iOS in the first place, still haven’t figured out how to copy properly. The original blueprints of basic Android features that you find on iOS feel more polished. It’s beyond me!

Anyway, the days of OS wars are done. I don’t see it happening again unless some company comes up with a ground-breaking device that changes the game and spurs innovation in terms of both hardware and software. While Windows is nowhere in the scene now, I’m stuck with iOS and I must say, although it hasn’t been an affair to remember like what it was with Windows, it’s at least a stable marriage that I know will last as long as someone ravishing doesn’t enter the scene flaunting her legs and make me go on my knees. You know what I mean?

And, the best part? I didn’t have to sell my kidney or anything at all. I have opted for an iPhone SE 32gb that cost me Rs 16,999 (~$260). It’s a bargain, and it’s worth what you’re paying. It’s a little more than worth. It may be a 3 year old model, but I felt I really need a smaller, well-built, easy to hold model that gives good quality screen and audio. And we know already – Apple is probably the best at such things.

P.S. Not written on my iPhone SE as the screen is too small to type such long blogs 😀 (This is part of an effort to move away from such devices that can keep me hooked to them always)