The last post was on 6th of January, that’s close to two months of hiatus, so I better explain to myself and my readers, why I disappeared for so long. The customary Monthly roundups also went missing!

A lot has happened over the last two months, and it all probably started the day I attended Chitrasanthe. I did buy a painting that day, and I had company, the little birdie who had returned after 7 long years. Conversations happened later that day and the world I was in, turned upside down!

Yes, upside down. Ever since, I’ve been only readjusting everything around to suit this new life, this new world that I find myself in. The winter’s gone, the spring’s passed very quick and it’s all summer. And it looks like gonna last real long, may be monsoons, but even those showers will be pleasant and soothing, rather than freakish. Autumn and winter may come too, but then, that’s the cycle of life.

I’m amused when I find myself part of this cycle. It was all too fast, so really hard to digest what was happening. Long overnight drives to unknown destinations, hours spent in pubs, drinking, talking, getting picked up at the office and being chauffeured home on random days, figuring out a future life, a hint of romance and a lot of friendship.

A lot of those who know me personally would be surprised at hearing this. Just a few months ago, I was claiming I’m best the way I am, single, aiming for a travelling life, a house atop a mountain, mist, a glass of whisky, a book in my hand. The experiences of the past had left bad taste in the mouth, but that wasn’t why I was scared to embrace a different life. It just wasn’t interesting.

But then, when a someone you know comes back into your life, someone who knew you well, you know well, but were friends, just friends and then when you realise you were always a little more than friends, things change. The world has to turn upside down. Or should I say downside up?

Whichever way, there’s still going to be a travelling life, maybe even the house atop a mountain, mist, two glasses of whisky, a book in my hand, a brush in hers, maybe kids, maybe dogs too.

So now that I’ve shared this with you all, you’d forgive me for not writing all these months. Expect the routine posts soon!