It’s January again. And if you’re in Bengaluru, that means one of those Sundays you get to experience art like nowhere else. Okay, I’m sure such fairs may be happening in other cities of the world, but those fairs won’t be the same as ChitraSanthe.

ChitraSanthe is an annual festival that celebrates art in its true form. Some refer to it as the common man’s art festival. Typically on the last Sunday of January every year, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat (also known as CKP) – a premier fine arts institution in the country – closes down a 1.5 kilometre long road known as “Kumara Krupa Road”. This road is not only home to the CKP, but also hosts the Chief Minister’s official residence, Sindhi High School and residences of some other minister apart from The Lalit Ashok – one of Bengaluru’s oldest and finest hotels.

So, they shut this road down and host artistes from length and breadth of the country, big time, small time, on the street. Stalls are put by these artistes who exhibit and sell their fine artworks. There are live sketching counters too apart from a bunch of street food vendors who, albeit illegally, ensure you have energy to walk up and down the street about four times. Thousands of Bengalureans drop in, some to see what’s happening, some to buy art, some to relish the atmosphere.

I attended the festival for the first time in in 2013. It was a friend of mine, a graduate from CKP, who introduced me to this beautiful event. That year, I accompanied her and another friend, and we had some amazing time capturing the moments there. I’m sharing those moments at the end of this post.

Since then, I’ve attended the event 3 out of 4 times and bought my first 3 paintings last year. You can read about them here¬†and here. The event itself is now hosted on any Sunday based on the Government’s approvals instead of the original last Sunday concept, however, it has only seen growing footfalls on Kumara Krupa Road.

I hope, tomorrow, around this time, I’ll be writing another post on the new paintings I’d be buying. Till then, enjoy the pictures.

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