It’s been a while since I wrote here, a couple of weeks, thanks to the many things changing around me. It’s another thing that I’m writing this piece at 6:30 AM on a Thursday morning, I clearly don’t have plans to go to work today – thanks to the cold.

Oh! The cold! I had a good run this year, I went past the first 10 months without falling sick – that hadn’t happened in about 10 years now. In fact, as far as my memory goes into the childhood, I always had a running nose, you know, 4-6 times in a calendar year.

I did want this year to be the year with just one instance of falling sick, but sinusitis just can’t live without me I guess! I had a bad sinus attack on Monday evening when still at work, it only worsened overnight and Bengaluru’s weather this year is only adding oil. The weather folks claim a comofrtable normal minimum temperature hovering around 17 degrees, but the cold weather is not really comofratble this year. The air-conditioned office spaces feel like a cozy warm place against the weather outside. Wonder what’s happening.

So I changed the place where I sleep within the confines of my tiny room, that seemed to have triggered the sinuses because I had two walls facing my sinuses.

“You and your sinus!” frowned the little birdie! Many people liked that post, but I wonder how many could actually grasp that I wasn’t really talking about a bird there! Yeah, there are small winged-visitors in my balcony throughout the year, but this little birdie isn’t winged, not physical ones. It’s just a person I’ve known for long, who has been around in life in a on-and-off manner. So when she texted me on Instagram about three weeks ago, we had a lot of catching up to do – 7 years had gone by.

So we did exactly that. We caught up. And caught up again. So that’s where I was caught up. I was framing blogs in my brain, some even turned into unfinished drafts, but none got published.

All the wood-work at the house was only adding to my already busy schedule split between badminton, work and catching up. I haven’t seen a movie in four weeks, oh no I did. I went out for a movie for the first time this year, first time outside the regular Film Festival fare. It was Murder on The Orient Express, I thoroughly enjoyed it and did want to write a review.

Review, now that’s a different topic to address. Who am I to write a review? That’s the question I often ask myself. I never wanted to write reviews, but wanted to share thoughts on what I think of a music album or a movie. That’s not how it turned out to be, though. I ended up writing proper reviews. Who am I to write a review?

So, the old man is growing older. He’s just stepped into the world of 99. I know two other 99s – the Hindi movie and the year 99. The former was funny and chaotic, the latter was just the latter. Chaotic. The old man is ensuring there’s enough chaos at home. He doesn’t sleep, not does he let others’ sleep. I’m worried that in a bid to celebrate his (my grandfather’s) 100th year, my old man (my father) will lose a handful of years from his bucket. He’s had a heart surgery already and is diabetic. Mum also doesn’t keep well. It’s like a family of patients and the worst part is that I’m the healthiest of all! Irony!

There’s very little I can do, I have a job to do for which I get paid. I have to be there on time and I should get a good night’s sleep before going to work. Else I’ll end up screwing up the balance and the now elsuive fibro-flares will be back.

That said, there’s a lot of unfinished business like I had mentioned in my post once! There’s a lot of things I’m supposed to do, but haven’t been doing like I had mentioned in another post. And then there’s life!