I don’t know what it’s or why, but I tend to always ignore what I’m supposed to do and do what I need not do. Wonder what I mean?

Let’s take the schoolboy version of me, for example. I never did my homeworks or assignments, but chose to play computer games. I’d write the homeworks I the classroom, copying them off someone else’s books. I’d do the same in case of assignments, never submitted them on time.

When the school required me to build a project at home, I’d never start till the deadline was about two days away and then I’d ask my father’s help. He’s smartly pull off something in the short time and more often than not, I got good scores.

So you may be thinking that it’s a pretty normal for school going kids to do something like that, to concentrate on games over academics, but I realise that this isn’t a childhood thing in my case.

In fact, the behaviour remained so throughout my engineering days in college. I’d be playing cards on the eve of an exam or watching a movie. Sometimes I used to watch movies till 2 am or so and then sleep to wake up early in the morning, say by 7, to study – 2 hours away from examination. 

When writing an examination, I’d start questioning why a question has to be solved in a specific manner and try out things, not bothering that it’s a time-bound examination and that I’d lose time if I continued with my nth hour research acumen. I’d never do that when in a classroom. I’ve even walked out of the examination hall, not finishing the paper, not bothering about marks lost. If I knew I’d pass, it was enough. I used to happily walk out of the hall to have breakfast or a smoke, may be.

I’ve been working for a little over 6 years now. Nothing has changed, though. I’ve registered for Bachelor of Arts through distance education, I’ve also taken up an online program on Data Analytics, and I’m preparing for neither. I’m supposed to design a couple of posters and prepare a quiz for an event that’s happening next week, at work. I’m supposed to present the designs tomorrow, get the quiz approved tomorrow. I’m supposed to send out a poster by mail to the required audience tomorrow, yet I haven’t started working on any of them.

I spent the whole of yesterday cleaning my room, playing games on computer, blogging and browsing. And today, I spent close to 12 hours on organizing my movie library with the help of an online solution. I’ve patiently scanned in 150 titles in two different software trying to find out which works best for the future. And now, I’m blogging on a topic that came to my mind about ten minutes ago!

What is it? Is it that I just don’t care or that I know I can handle everything and pull something off tomorrow morning? Am I just arrogant or way too talented? Or does it just say that I’m generally not I retested in the mundane and so would sub-consciously choose to do something that’s not high priority? Or am I a rebel?