Roundup #9, Oct 2017
Titles bought – 12
Total owned – 229


I’m splurging my money on other things and I’ve to save some for the future too. I couldn’t spend a lot on movies in October because of that. In fact, my October purchase happened on the very first day of the month. Since I had picked up some Cinemas of India titles over the past few months, I thought it’s a better idea to devote all my energy and money towards completing that collection.

So when I logged onto Amazon to browse through Cinemas of India collection, I could find a large number of movies in languages other than Hindi. I went ahead and purchased 12 movies that include movies in Malayalam, Punjabi and Marathi among others.

Kaliyachan and Sammohanam were two Malayalam picks while Vees Maanjhe Vees was the only Marathi title. Aranyak, Current, Island City, Paar and Ek Doctor Ki Maut were the Hindi titles I picked. Two Bengali titles – Antarjali Yatra, Mansur Mian-R Ghoda and Padatik made the cut and Anhey Ghorey Da Daan was the sole Punjabi movie that was added.


I’m not updating the master list this time as I’ve found a better solution / way to maintain the master list. While the work is in-progress, expect a nice way to browse through what I own.

Till then.

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