Roundup #8, Sep 2017
Titles bought – 14
Total owned – 217

I had stick to a modest budget thanks to an over the top spending on learning and leisure.

That said, I was still able to spend a little more than Rs 3000 on movies. I went back to the same offline seller in Malleshwara and asked for more Cinemas of India titles. The old man wasn’t there, it was the son manning the shop and he didn’t take the trouble to fetch the collection from the godown. He said he doesn’t stack them any more as no one buys them.

Although I’ve been buying from him for a few months now, he isn’t ready to quote a rate below the stamped price. I didn’t bargain or argue with him, instead I bought 14 titles. Two Aamir Khan flicks – Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahin and Hum Hain Raahi Pyar Ke, Chashme Buddoor (an all time favorite) by Sye Paranjape, Bimal Roy’s classic Do Bigha Zamin were quick picks. Also picked up a title I had never heard of – Turning 30. Seems like a women-centric romance drama. An interesting pick was Kapoor & Sons – a movie I’ve heard a lot about.

The best pick though, was Dev D. I wanted a Blu Ray version of the movie, but could lay hands on the DVD only. Although the thought of buying the BD online was tempting, I couldn’t not buy the DVD.


Till date, apart from English, Hindi and Kannada movies, I had bought a couple of Marathi titles in addition to 1 Punjabi title from the Cinemas of India collection. This time, I chanced upon some Bengali movies – 7 of them. 4 of these are from Satyajit Ray’s Signature Collection. Now I know that the maestro couldn’t have possibly signed these or even thought of such a day, but it’s a nice thing to have. I had bought Bhuvan Shome already, so technically that’s my first Bengali pick. But that was unintentional. This is a good start, though. The Japanese Wife seems to be a good pick, can’t wait to watch.


I’ve been trying to source two Bengali movies I’d seen in Bengaluru Internation Film Festival – Chitrakaar and Cinemawala. If any of you Bengali readers out there know where I can source the original DVDs of these two titles, please leave your suggestion in the comments section. Thanks!

Over and out!

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