It was Vijayadashami today. The tenth day of Dasara. Mysuru was decked up to celebrate the festival in a grand way lest the rain plays spoilsport. Elephants, horses and tableaus shared space with foot soldiers of the Royal family and folk artists from different parts of the state. It’s a grand spectacle, something very few Indians are aware of, thanks to general ignorance that makes us what we are. Not that I was there at the Dasara procession this year or that I watched it on TV. We know how the procession goes, that’s all.

So Vijayadashami is the celebration of Lord Rama’s win over Ravana from the epic Ramayana. There are other legends too as to why this festival is celebrated. At their cores, and it’s true for many a festivals in Indian traditions, all legends have one underlying theme – The Triumph of Good over Evil.

Hasn’t been a great day though. There’s a lot of evil around me which I haven’t been able to triumph over. For a sample, my broadband connection was down for three days now and that stopped me from doing many things. My parents were troubled because of this, so was I. My Dad couldn’t book a cab the day before yesterday because there was no internet. He eventually did it through SMS, but that led to something else. The cab driver assigned to him was 20 minutes away and he abused my dad in very lewd language for no fault of my Dad’s, he was just a customer who wanted a cab and at 63 he didn’t have to listen to slurs that are pubic in nature. Evil!

I too wasn’t able to blog because of the connection being down and so have to write this on my phone, while sharing my phone’s internet connection with Dad and Mum through hotspot. And this morning, when the service provider finally called, I was sleeping and the smartphone was on vibration only mode. Evil!

And then I saw the girl with the dog walked past our house. That’s all she does in her life, I guess. May be she works somewhere, but whenever I see her she’s walking her dog in the neighborhood. She lives just up my street and has a granny who’s acquainted with Mum. Grannies that aren’t yours are generally evil to you. This granny apparently has suggested many a times to my Mum that her always-dog-walking granddaughter be married to me. Putting thoughts in my Mum’s head – pure Evil!

The weather was beautiful outside, but also gloomy. I woke up to this gloomy morning after having two dreams overnight. And if there was anything common in both the dreams it was the scene where the picture of my ex-girlfriend pops up on my smartphone, thanks to missed calls. That felt so realistic both times that I woke up from each of the dream to check my phone if indeed she had tried to call. “Pick up the call” read her message in the dreams. There was no message or a missed call notification in reality. Mind games. Evil!

Vijayadashami is also considered as an auspicious day to start something new. I asked my Mum if she’ll restart her studies today. She has had a tough time. Four years ago, she took up online distance education hoping to get a Bachelor of Arts degree. The university that offered the course has lost its recognition for two years now. She should have completed her degree by now. I enrolled her into another university a couple of months ago, but she has lost the interest and energy to pursue studies again. Bad energy and bad people breaking hearts and hopes – Evil!

It has rained incessantly over the last week destroying half of my crops that I grow on my terrace. Tomatoes and cucumbers gone! Rain is supposed to bring joy, they usually do, but this time – it has just been Evil!

There’s just too much evil around. I was only looking forward to that box of sweets my friends were supposed to give me this evening. Sweets are heavenly, they bring down your stress levels, taste great and you can put on a lot of weight. And they didn’t get the box. Ugh! Evil!

There were two good things that happened though. The ISP’s technician called again, turned up and fixed my broadband by noon. And, I won a game of Bridge-Whist at home, against Dad and Bro #1.

There’s still hope in this world for the triumph of good, I guess.