In the world of computers, everything’s a binary. Everything’s 0 or 1, boolean, true-false, high-low whatever you wanna call it. There’s no middle path, no striking a balance between the two, no dangling. 

However, there is this guy called Dangling Pointer, a scary bastard who continues to exist even though he isn’t aware where he came from. Bastard, truly! He is stuck between life and death, he will never be killed for real unless someone pulls the plug, literally. Hand of God, eh?

The world today is kind of heading in the same direction. This is the digital era, so everything is turning binary. No more give a shit to diversity or whatever. So there’s Left and Right, Right and Wrong, Modi Bhakts vs Libtards, Hindu vs Muslim, India vs Pakistan and so on.. There’s no middle path, no more does Gautama Buddha’s followers would want to choose the middle path and forget either extremes – look at Rohingyas being targeted by Buddhists of Myanmar or look at Tamils persecuted by Buddhists of Sri Lanka. Such a shame that Buddha would’ve committed suicide.

That way, Gandhi would also commit suicide today if he were alive and had seen how a simple man like him turned out to be the apple of every businessman’s eyes in India. As he continues to smile on the currency of India, the babu bureaucrats of the country happily exchange morally tainted notes for immoral activities, Gandhi being a witness in the form of a picture hung on the offices’ walls.

Oh, I can’t digress here, for there’s no middle path. You’re either civil or tribal. Tribals are wearing civil clothes, hoping to get educated and join the mainstream, some of them are influenced by the truly uncivil civil, and Civils are trying to be tribals by eating whatever’s thrown at them and throwing whatever they can or not eat. There’s no middle path, nobody’s trying to be, well, human. In other words, can’t a tribal be civil and can’t a civil be tribal? 

In these not-so-cold-war situations between two poles of the polarized world, a certain species are becoming rare and are on the verge of extinction – the neutrals. We’re the kinds who are being constantly dragged to the either sides like a chewing gum stuck between two people’s mouths. They, the polarized species have taken the juice (Jews?) out of us and we’ve been chewed and deformed beyond recognition.

As the human race fights for its rights with its own kinds, somewhere the man (or should I say woman just so that I show gender sensitivity? Because if I don’t, they’ll classify me as a male chauvinist!) who thought “To err is human” has turned into a dangling pointer – he exists, but doesn’t. We’re forgetting that it’s not necessary that we should be always politically, racially, rationally, gender-wise right (or left?)

Something to ponder.