In a post from May 2017, I shared how I came about buying small time art pieces for the first time in my life. That purchase happened in January and I talked about two tiny works that I had bought. There was a third purchase that day.

After having purchased the two paintings of abandoned automobiles, I spent a lot of time looking for another great piece of work that’d suit my less than humble budget. I had about 5k to spare, but nothing I liked came for such a low price. A beautiful pencil sketch of a girl enjoying the moonlight from her balcony was one of them and the artist – a middle aged woman, asked a price of 8k for her work. For a moment there I had thought about negotiating the price, but I chided myself for thinking about it given that I had decided not to bargain just about half hour ago.

As I was heading out of the 1.5km long stretch, the works of another artist caught my eyes – especially this one painting which had contrasting black and white strokes forming the background and a sharp crimson smear on the background. A close look at the painting revealed a girl standing on the banks of a lake (or a river?) wearing a red dress which was being blown my the wind towards the east, under an umbrella. Her back turned to me, she was watching streaks of moonlight fall lighting up the waves forming in the water. Stone structures of varied sizes stood symmetrically on either side of this landscape.

I didn’t quite interpret what this painting tried to tell me, the color scheme (crimson red against a dark grayscale backdrop) had stole my heart and I had sub-consciously decided to buy it.

A girl handling the sales quoted a price of 4k and I readily agreed to buy it, only that the artist herself wasn’t there. I did wait for the artist Mitu Prasad while the work was being packed by her friends, but the artist didn’t turn up even after 15 minutes. I paid up, collected the artwork as well as a visiting card belonging to the artist, hoping to contact her at a later point in time.

The artwork now adorns a wall on the first floor, next to the staircase in my house. It’s one of the first things I look at after I come out of my room every morning. A peculiar thing I observed a couple of weeks after I bought the work is that the girl with the umbrella has only one leg. The knowledge of this has given the art piece a bit of a horror theme to it in my mind. Is she a ghost?

Being a noob in terms of appreciating art, I still can’t figure out the hidden meanings, if there are any. However, being a fan of artworks, I’ve given my own thoughts to it. I did try to get in touch with the artist – dropped her a lengthy text message requesting to share her thoughts behind this work of hers, so that I can share the same with my readers. I’ve not received a reply at the time of writing this.

So, if you, the reader of this blog, have any thoughts to share about what thoughts this painting brings to you, do leave your comments below.