In a post from early this month I mentioned how my hobby in plants was keeping me away from blogging for some time now, I wasn’t being completely truthful there. In fact, there’s this other thing that I’ve caught up – binge watching!

Oh yeah! I’m back to the unhealthy ways of life! The last five years I spent my money and time on binge eating, binge drinking and binge watching (movies, not girls!). Okay, bad one! I can’t help it, as I write this Chandler’s “sometimes bad one liners” are actually playing out in my head! So, the last five years it was all about pizza, beer, cocktails, whiskeys and what nots! And there was my torrent downloaded movie collection. The best I’ve done ever was 27 movies in 3 days! Tell me about it!!!

And then I had a “wake up” moment and I decided that I’ll stop all this. I was quite successful in doing that, but the fibro flares kinda pulled me down! Loads of work and a lot of body pain pushed me back to my rocking chair in a dim lit TV room so that I can watch about all seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, for the fifth time in my life! Ugh! I’ve been doing a marathon of 10-15 episodes everyday. Joey eats his pizza and I feel like eating it too! Two pizzas, Joey’s special!! Just that, I’m a vegetarian!

Yeah, I love the show! It helps when you watch it. It doesn’t strain your brains like Nolan’s movies. Although you don’t laugh at the jokes as much as you used to because you kinda have rote learned all the sequences when you watched it the fourth time!! But hey! It does help because you don’t have to think a lot about what’s happening there. You laugh at some jokes, you don’t really interpret what they’re doing on the screen. You start somewhere there, but you start wondering how Monica’s face varies from being about normal to botox to gorgeous to normal to botox to normal to.. “Oh! My Eyes!!! My Eyes!!!!!” Or how Phoebe looked gorgeous in the first season only to lose her charm till it was Season 9. Or how Rachel had extremely bad hairdo in the mid seasons. Or why Chandler kept losing and gaining weight and how his quotient of funniness (is that even a word now?) is not really related to his weight. Okay I sound like Ross now!!! Why God Why????

It’s funny that this rant of mine is actually playing out in my head as if the words are being spoken out loud by the very characters. That obviously means I’ve been watching way too much of the show, not that I can do much about it. I’m at the fag end of Season 9 and there are, like what, 32 more episodes to watch before I go insane and shoot myself?

Anyway, how you doin’?