Roundup #7, Aug 2017
Titles bought – 19
Total owned – 203

200 movies!! Yippeeee! So it took 8 months to score a double century. At this rate, the 1000 mark will probably be reached only by March or April 2020. Huff! Wonder how people collected million DVDs. I don’t even know if I’ll have such a high paying job I’m 2020.

Nevertheless, I added 19 titles – all from an offline store. The French-bearded old man was a little grumpy and wasn’t keen on giving any discounts unlike his son who had knocked down the prices of a few titles earlier. He wasn’t too keen to show enough DVD s for me to choose from. It’s only after insisting he budged to push his store-boy to pull out the discs from different racks. And when he saw that I meant business, he sent the boy to the godown to pull out more.

The biggest gain happened in the Cinema s of India collection – 8 titles. Now, the challenge is to collect all possible titles under the Cinemas of India tag. These DVDs are NFDC movies marketed by Shemaroo. Now, there’s no specific list available anywhere which says x number of titles are part of this collection, which is why I’ll have to spend some time in building this list by browsing Shemaroo’s site and may be even Amazon and Flipkart. Hope I can complete this collection by end of this year. That’d be a true milestone – owning a whole collection that are tagged as “Collector’s Edition”.

So the movies that found their place on my rack are Adi Shankaracharya, Shesha Drushti, Dance Like A Man, Gandhi, Sanshodhan and a 3-box set consisting of Mirch Masala, Duvidha and Gangoobai.


While Cinemas of India movies are typical arthouse stuff, there have been movies in Indian cinema that tow the lines of commercial cinema or that of arthouse productions to an extent that the lines start to blur. These are often called “New age cinema” or even “multiplex flicks” (because they release only in urban centres due to budget constraints as well as targeted audiences). Joggers’ Park ( I love this movie), Bollywood Calling (this one too) and even Ishqiya are among such movies. Ishqiya though, was a relatively big-budget movie. I couldn’t resist not buying these although the budget for this month had to be stretched given that other expenses were on an all-time high. Apart from these I also got hold of Chaurahein, Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa, Mandi, Teen Deewarein and Drishti.


The prized title for this month though, is a 3-box set of Henry Fonda’s movies – 12 Angry Men, Fort Apache and The Ox-Bow Incident. Now, I’ve watched only the first one and the sheer brilliance of that movie made me pick up the whole collection. Can’t wait to watch.

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