I was visiting my grandparents (mom’s parents) at their house early today when the topic of which belongings of my dad’s parents are with which of my cousins. My mom was sharing her knowledge of the list – a silver mug is with cousin A, my grandmother’s silver plate in which she used to have her food is with cousin B, something else is with cousin C. I was smirking at the list wondering how materialistic it seems in nature. It’s almost as if people didn’t care for the real special stuff and were interested in inheriting only those things which mattered in monetary terms.

I cut the conversation short and announced to the audience present there that I have inherited the real stuff from my grandmother. I have a Pagade set that she owned. I’ll share about Pagade and the set I got from her in a future post. I also chanced upon her wedding invitation – only two of those had ever been printed based on my knowledge. I’ll share about that too in a future post. This post is about what that announcement led me to.

My grandfather (mom’s Dad) walked towards the glass covered shelf and pulled out a piece of a yellow-coloured folded piece of paper. He was handling it delicately. He opened one leaf of the fold and pointed to a paragraph printed on it. The paragraph itself was surrounded by a box drawn with a red ink. The language of the print was Kannada and it read roughly this when translated to English –

Shakuntala – Shrinivasamurthy
Shri Ashwathacharya’s son Chi||Shrinivasamurthy and Bengaluru Shri B. V. Shrinivasamurthy’s daughter Chi||Sou||Shakuntala Their wedding happened on May 5 in Shivamogga district’s Nagara.


I was excited to see the piece of paper and saw this as an opportunity to inherit it from my grandfather. I requested him to hand it over to me someday. He laughed at the idea and asked what I’d do with it. I told him that it’d be a prized possession and is a part of history. He didn’t quite decipher that, but handed it over to me.


I came home and went through all the news snippets on that paper – it’s actually a whole page from a newspaper from the year 1958. There are so many beautiful stories printed there on that paper and I’d need some time to read through. I’ll be blogging about each of those snippets in the future as they’re very interesting pieces of history.