The cat ran across the street, trying to save itself – first, from the three dogs that were hell-bent on killing her and second, from the white car that was fast approaching on the very road she was crossing. Panicking at the sight of the monsters around, the cat made the leap of its life towards the compound wall that separated the Air Force’s land from the civilians’. Standing on the wall, the cat watched the car zoom past her. She meowed in a low shaky voice and was hardly heard by the trees around her. She unfurled her tail that had wrapped around it’s legs and headed towards the slums that were located at the end of the road, hoping to hunt down a rat or to make do with some milk from any kitchen.

Thimmraju was rushing towards the office. He had to cover the next 12 kms in 20 minutes which was no easy feat given the city’s notorious traffic. He was driving the employees down to the office and they’d surely complain against him for being late everyday, just like they had complained two days ago. “The company wouldn’t care much for a driver when employees complain against him. I’ve to do this at any cost” said Thimmaraju to himself even as his eyes wandered towards a pack of dogs engaged in a brawl. Before he could make any sense out of the scene, a white cat sprang from the scene of the brawl and landed in front of his car. Hailing from a small village near Bengaluru, a cat crossing his path meant bad omen. Superstitious that he was, he slammed the brakes of the car missing the cat by its own whisker. He saw the cat leap on to a compound wall. He saw fear in its eyes, his fear, as it opened its mouth to meow. For a flash of a second, he saw death unfurling its wide wings to embrace – he wasn’t sure who Death was waiting for – him or the cat.

Daily Prompt: Unfurl