A big thank you to you all, my readers! Every time you visit my site, view a post or view many posts, hit the Like button, I feel motivated to write more and write better. Although I didn’t come here for the ‘Likes’ – I had enough of them on Facebook – every hit on my blog, every view, every Like collectively push me to tow the boundary lines on the things I’d want to write about.

It’s been a fantastic journey on WordPress, really! When I took to public blogging in 2016 on WordPress, I did so to give my thoughts a proper channel. I think I have succeeded to channelize my thoughts and put them down in the form of posts here. A milestone has been reached. 100 blog posts!

I feel sad when I can’t blog regularly. For a while, a post a day had almost turned into a habit, and I’d want to get back there. The above stats prove how regular blogging can improve your reach. Although I monetize my site, I don’t do it for the revenues, which are actually appalling. Like I’ve mentioned in the past, I blog for the happiness involved in it and not for money. The monetization is only a hope to turn the site into a sustainable effort, to eventually earn enough money to retain my domain name and the premium account. 

Please use the feedback page to provide your thoughts on my blog. Leave your comments on the posts and I assure you that the conversations on those threads will be short, precise and not meant for instant gratification unlike what happens on Facebook. Hit the Like button, if you really like what I write. Follow me by mail or on WordPress if you’d like to know what I’m up to or what bizarre thoughts I have on X and Y things.

’cause if you don’t do any of those, I may not get better at it. Will I stop, though? Nope.