Roundup #5, Jun 2017
Titles bought – 5
Total owned – 164

6,800 bucks spent on just 3 titles in the first week of June; I went bankrupt for the rest of the month. To the extent of drafting this roundup in the second week itself. For I was sure, I won’t have a single penny left to buy another set of titles till I get my next paycheck! This is when you have to realize you’ve gone a bit overboard with your hobby. Does that mean I’ll cut down on my spending? No. Never. You’ve to take risks and buy the stuff you want to when you can afford to take such risks. You can’t wait till the end of your work-life to splurge your savings on your hobbies. Savings are meant to take care of your hospital bills and not to buy movies. For all I know, movies won’t even exist in the disc format by the time I reach a retirement age.

So if I spent ₹6,800 on just 3 titles, they must be special, right? They are more than just special, for different reasons.

The first title is a single Blu-ray disc of an epic Hindi movie from the 1960s – Mughal-E-Azam. This is a movie that was shot mostly in B&W, but the director convinced the producer to spend a bit on a few Fujicolor reels. That effort gave digital artists a reference to create the colorful version of the movie – the first movie to be converted to color in India. Had to buy it.

The second title is not a movie. In fact it’s a 5-disc set from a famous series called Planet Earth. The series was produced by BBC and was the first documentary that was shot at such proportions. The series takes full advantage of the High Definition formats and is a must watch for any human who connects to nature. It’s even more important to show it to kids and also those who go on a tree-cutting spree. For our Mother Earth is so beautiful. It’s totally worth spending on such a rare series that changed the storytelling in documentaries.

The third title is in fact a trilogy consisting of three individual movie titles. In fact, it’s probably the only superhero series ever shot in the world that’s worth a part of your monthly salary – Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy. Undoubtedly, one if the greatest series ever shot. The debate whether Batman Begins is underrated, The Dark Knight is overrated etc can be settled at some other point in time. I just couldn’t resist and ended up watching Batman Begins on a Friday night and the remaining two on a Saturday night at a time when I was supposed to be preparing for my B.A. examinations.


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