The wind is blowing from the south-west, dark clouds can be seen in the horizon, they’re approaching slowly, lying low, very low. They’re very unlike the clouds that poured just a week back – those pre-monsoon showers which were localized, high-flying, heavy clouds. They felt like cloud-bursts, assisted by massive winds, thunder and lightning. The days of thunderstorms are behind.

These clouds are not even like those we see in Mango showers – the April rain that occurs in some pockets here. Those showers are thundershowers, extremely localized, without any winds. You had to wait for the thermometer to show 36 degree celsius to expect any sort of rain. This year, it rained only once in April. But, the pre-monsoon compensated and how? It broke many a records and brought double the average May rainfall to Bangalore. A peculiar thing about these May showers, they shower only in the evenings, at 5.30ish.

Not anymore. The dust will settle down, the aroma of wet soil will enter your rooms through the open windows. You’ll have to shut the west and south-facing windows, this is the southwest. Do it unless you want a few droplets on your bed next to the window. Or, let it be. Just hold a cup of filter coffee and a book in your hand and stare outside the window. Watch those tiny droplets jumping off the roof, and bouncing off the railings, onto the leaves and to the ground, silently making its way to the drains. Once every few seconds, take a deep breath – you’ll see your sinusitis going away. You’d have woken up with a severe headache because of the cloudy weather and dropping temperatures. You’d have cursed the weather for being so inhuman to you. But, take that deep breath. Your sinusitis will go away for a while, you’ll not know if it’s the filter coffee or the wet soil – you shouldn’t care! Monsoon is here!


If you are stuck in a traffic jam or are worried you’ll be stuck in a jam because it’s raining, don’t curse the rain. For it’s not everyday that it rains. It’ll pour for a few hours, a little more than drizzle, a little less than a thundershower. Enjoy it. Have a smoke, may be with a “garam chai ki pyali” sans Anu Malik’s voice! May be enjoy a hot Masala Dose in the near by Darshini.

As it showers, keep that book aside, run to your terrace and drench yourself, get soaked in whatever you’re wearing, but make sure you’re wearing something. Stretch your arms out, lift your head upwards, feel those droplets on your face and body.


“God is in the rain” after all!