It was only last week that actress Priyanka Chopra showed up in Berlin and clicked a few pictures chatting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. When she shared those pictures on the social media, a section of Indian society roaming in Twitter looking for a scapegoat to troll on lambasted the actress for flaunting her legs in front of the PM.

A huge ‘in-the-heat-of-the-moment’ movement ensued with the not-so-conservative sections of Indian twitterati as well as such media houses questioning the ‘Sanskaari’ (cultured) brigade’s morality of pointing fingers at a lady who has the right to wear anything she wants. It was nice to see everyone standing up for true equality for women including her right to wear whatever she wants. Feminism had just got another shot in its arm in a country where its largest selling newshouse had published voyeuristic pictures of another actress’ cleavage (or should I say ‘plunging neckline’?)

The hypocrisy of Indian media (may apply to the world media too) is astounding and unsurprising at the same time! India Today, another famous and powerful media house, only subtly pointed fingers at the lameness of the ‘Sanskari’ brigade by tagging them ‘progressive’ in ‘quotes’. Otherwise, their coverage on the matter was mostly neutral reporting (something very rare these days in Indian media). You can read that article here.

Yet, when actress Rani Mukerji stepped out in the open wearing what she wants – a white top with a plunging neckline on a pair of straight trousers and shoes, little did she know that the feminist ideologies of our media houses can go for a toss! Sample some of the wordings used by India Today (yes, the same India Today) in criticizing Rani –

While we haven’t been able to stop swooning over the beauty that she is, her fashion game hasn’t been exactly marvellous and we had made peace with that, until she appeared in the kind of ensemble that she did.

The dusky diva was spotted in a white asymmetrical top with a plunging neckline– the only decent aspect of her outfit. Rani teamed up the white top with a pair of shabby-looking straight trousers that would have fit right in an early 90’s movie. The fit and structure of those pants is so unflattering, we wish she’d have left those pants back in the 90’s, where they belong.

If you haven’t shut your eyes already at the sight of these oversized, tan-coloured trousers, take a look at her black shoes and join us in our misery.

To add insult to injury was a studded Gucci belt that looked really odd on this ensemble, thanks to its glimmer and purposelessness.

You can read the original piece here.

There’s little I want to say. So much for media building healthy societies and reporting responsibly. We knew that other largest selling guy had turned into a tabloid, full of paparazzis, didn’t know India Today belonged there!

I feel like puking at the double standards!