Cinema Originals – Monthly Roundup #4

Roundup #4, May 2017
Titles bought – 29
Total owned – 159

May was expensive. Really! I’ve spent close to Rs 7,000 on movies! So that’s why people resort to streaming and pirated downloads 😀 No regrets!

I added 23 titles to my collection and the total titles owned crossed 150 mark. **Whistles and Claps** (Raises his bat to acknowledge the appreciation!)

The reason why this month ended up being prohibitively expensive is that I bought a lot of Blu-Rays. While I’ll be going for DVDs for all non-Hollywood titles, I have decided to buy Blu-Rays of classic Indian movies and those that are available at a bargain every month. So which means I’m going to shop on Amazon more!

But, that kinda beats my intent to support the dwindling DVD stores right? So, I made it a point to visit my favourite DVD store in Malleshwara. The old man who had coaxed me to pick up the Coppola Restoration Collection of The Godfather series wasn’t there. His son (I’m assuming) was there. He was, at first, uninterested in showing me titles. It was when I requested for “Cinemas of India” collection that he realised that I’m a serious buyer. He gave some discounts too.

When I asked for Blu-Rays, he just expressed his displeasure at buyers. “Who buys all these stuff anymore sir! They don’t care. They get free stuff online. They’re okay with watching bad quality prints on pirated VCDs but won’t come to buy from us.” I agreed. I even told him how sad I was to find out that ‘Temptation M’, once a leading chain of DVD stores in Bengaluru, shut shop. “Can’t sustain, sir! Everyone’s going away!” he said.

I felt sorry for this hobby of collecting movies. With streaming becoming mainstream, nobody will ever collect these stuff again. They won’t mind paying for the same movie again, I guess!

So I picked up 6 Cinemas of India titles – Mammo, Rui ka Bojh, Ek Ghar, Triyacharitra and Aankhon Dekhi. I also picked up 4 Charlie Chaplin classics – City Lights, The Gold Rush, The Circus and Modern Times.

But, star picks of the month were 3 Blu-Ray titles that I bought from Amazon. These 3 titles are among my all-time favourite movies from one of my most favourite actors and directors – Clint Eastwood. Uff! The name itself brings a smile on every movie-buff’s face. The 3 movies are – Unforgiven, The Bridges of Madison County and Gran Torino! Each one’s a masterpiece in its own right and very few directors are capable of such a thing!


Collecting movies, in India at least, is an expensive hobby. But, what’s a hobby worth if everyone can do it with no effort at all. This hobby of mine will drain my pockets, for sure! But then, the pleasure of picking a disc from a library, placing it in the player’s tray and watching a movie in a personalized home theatre setup is beyond the experience of doing that on Netflix!

Browse Cinema Originals for list of all titles owned.

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3 comments on “Cinema Originals – Monthly Roundup #4”
  1. For sure. it’s quite a lot of money but priceless for a true passionate lover of cinema. Happy you are one who respects the craft of film making and keep the collector’s edition:)

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  2. ConfusedHead says:

    Cinema is one of the greatest inventions by humans. No other medium of art ever made people cry, dance or made them sit them on the edge of their seats (other than brilliantly written books) I love cinema. I have been a regular at Bangalore International Film Festival for 4 years now. Someday I would wanna make at least one short film.


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