Roundup #2, Mar 2017
Titles bought – 10
Total owned – 99

The graph has surely come down. I had bought 70+ fresh titles in the first two months of 2017. The third month was a drought month due to the scorching summer and the end of Indian financial year.

Not really, I think I’ve spent close to Rs 2,500 on movies in March, which is still a sizeable amount and on par with my monthly budget allocation for purchasing movies. But, it’s Blu-Ray that rips you off. Yes, yes! I know! I know that’s why nobody saw / sees any worth in buying those expensive discs.

I added 7 English Blu-Ray titles this month, mostly because they were priced reasonably at around 450-500. It includes Charlie Wilson’s War and American Hustle – two movies about which I had heard a lot, but had never watched. I added few less significant titles including Jack Black starrer Year One (it was very cheap), Spielberg’s Tom Hanks starrer Bridge of Spies, Mandela, Eli Roth’s Hostel (oh! How I love that movie!) and Tequila Sunrise.


There were no Hindi additions (I’m still wondering where to start). I added 3 important titles to my Kannada collection. Two of them – Nagarahavu and Boothayyana Maga Ayyu – are considered classics and have stellar performances by one of my favorites – Vishnuvardhan. The third movie stars another favorite – Anant Nag. But I didn’t buy it because it was Anant Nag’s movie.


Kanneshwara Rama is a movie based on historical characters. It’s significant to me because:
1) It was shot in Nagara, Karnataka, a small village which once was a flourishing town under Keladi Nayakas.
2) My mom and my late grandma (dad’s mom) are from Nagara.
3) My grandpa (mom’s dad), his brother, an aunt and few others from the larger family appear in a few scenes of the movie.
4) I’ve grown up hearing mom talk about the shooting of the movie in Nagara, how she saw Shabana Azmi, Anant Nag, MS Sathyu and a few others. Oh! my mom also few of their autographs! How cool is that!?!

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