Plan your life. Plan your retirement. Plan your day. Plan your work week. Plan your fitness program. Plan your expenditure.

There’s always a plan. Most of us depend on plans to keep ourselves organized. Most parts of our lives are spent in planning instead of living.

I also have spent a great deal of my life in planning it. I never believed in planning things, I never believed in dreaming a future in the first place. I was always impulsive. Hardly planned trips. Somewhere down the lane, I changed for worse.

I started dreaming. I started dreaming about a future where I saw kids whom I’d bring up with the love of my life. Somewhere in the mountains. Filmy!? Yeah, it was. The person who made me dream this was filmy, after all. Those dreams became the foundation of a new life and I started planning my life accordingly. I did everything possible so that I could live that life, a life we both dreamt, a dream we both shared.

I calculated the amount of money I’d need to earn to own a house, the number of job switches and promotions required to earn a pay that could help me achieve those dreams. Oh! We’d have a son called Ajay too, yeah she liked that name!

And then? The house that we had built collapsed. Priorities changed, plans changed. But, by the time this happened, I had already spent a great part of my early twenties in planning my forties and fifties. All in vain.

We plan trips that never materialize. When you watch the trailer of a movie , you plan to watch the movie. Your plan has your friends in it, or may be your family. You keep aside your commitments for them. Unfortunately, they would be having their own plans. You’d not be part of it. Your plan goes kaput!

I have a friend whom I’ve known for ten years now. She’s a short, sweet girl who has lived with her parents all her life. Being the only kid, and a daughter at that, she has been brought up with a lot of care and pampering. Her life revolved around her parents. She had plans of settling with a guy who is as nice as she is, who’d take care of her parents as if they are his own, who’d be living in the vicinity of her parents’ so that she could pay a visit now and then.

Life had its own plans, if I can put it that way. Some may say God had his own plans. It’s not important which one. Her mother expired before she could find her match. She’s now disturbed, exhausted and destroyed mentally. The life she planned is never going to be lived. The perfect picture that she had in her mind will never be full. She’ll never be able to think about the future.

We are trained to plan and execute those plans efficiently. We calculate a few risks and have a buffer so that we can dodge a few risks. This is true with all sorts of planning. Financial, retirement, home, family, travel, career, life… But, what I’ve learnt is that all the planning is just not worth the time and effort. When the risk comes into play, it hits so hard that everything tumbles down. The risk is always going to be ten times higher in magnitude than the risk you had calculated when planning.

I don’t believe in planning. I don’t know about others, but I’m done with it. Live life as it comes by. Don’t plan a grand big fat Indian welcome with all the flowers and music because you never know what’s arriving at the station called “future”.