The beer wasn’t enough to keep me high! I had to compensate the lack of its ‘kick’ with my madness. I walked the next few kilometers behaving like a ‘true drunk’. Kishan and I were headed to Asha Sweets in Malleshwaram to satiate the craving for sweets that he had been having since morning!

The stall at Asha Sweets, placed at the entrance of the mighty sweet shop, drew me towards it the moment I spotted it; and I felt repelled the very next moment as I also spotted a board that mentioned “Fresh Jalebi” hanging in the stall. Not something I’d love ever!

I entered the sweet shop and took the first seat I spotted. Kishan asked my preferences and headed towards the counter even as my eyes fell on a “girl-next-door” girl dressed in a blue tunic with her hair tied in a bun. A bun-tied-hair-girl isn’t the type I’d normally look at, but something else caught my eye. She was seated alone in the table placed opposite to that of mine, enjoying her Veg Puffs and a plate of Rasmalai. “Ah! Interesting!” I said to myself.

Kishan brought the first set of plates consisting of a variety of sweets. I attacked them with all might – the sweet loving demon that I am! For a few minutes,  I forgot that a pretty girl was seated right across as I enjoyed the beautifully textured Rasmalai. Once done with the starters, Kishan went for the main course.

As my eyes fixated themselves on the dessert seated a few feet away from me, a young kid, aged about 5-6 years, walked to my table and took a seat without seeking any permission. He was a cute looking kid and was tasting a purple apple-shaped burfi that he held between his teeth and his hand. I smiled at him and asked him whether he is enjoying his sweet.He nodded in a kiddish affirmative as his dad walked towards the table and jokingly said “So, you can eat things when you’re outside but won’t bother to even taste the food prepared at home, huh?” I laughed at the line as I recalled my own childhood and told the father that even at this age, when it comes to sweets, I’m the same kid his son is.

The father laughed as I turned to the kid asking “What class are you in?”

“First standard” he said.

“Ask what class he is in..” the father said to the kid, pointing to me.

“27 and a half standard” I said. The father laughed. The kid just stared at me trying to understand what I had just uttered. It was a silly and stupid joke!

But, there was someone else who had smiled. Someone who was laughing inside but not really bringing it out on the face.

The blue-tunic girl had been observing all the while and listening to this silly conversation that was going between a school-going kid, his father and an uninteresting 27-year old me! She tried constraining her laugh into a wicked smile even as she chewed on a slice of the Veg Puff. When I saw her smile, I fell in love with her at that instant. A silent sweet-loving foodie girl enjoying the savories all alone. Ah! How I’d love to be with someone like that!

Kishan walked into the scene holding few more plates in his hand. The blue-tunic girl paid her bills and walked out of the shop while I was enjoying another serving of Rasmalai. When I realized that she had walked out, I turned around trying to spot her, but she was gone!

I got back to the Rasmalai, which was a lot more lovely, at that moment!