Hello All,

Over the last two years, 257 people have liked this page of mine on Facebook. This page originated as a photography portfolio (Vishvajith Madhavamurthy Photography) and then shaped into a travel blog (Picturesque Affairs).

I don’t know what brought you here and what made you like this page. In my efforts to have a well-shaped and well-maintained blog, I have changed the face and purpose of this page many times. For two years, I have been (unsuccessfully) maintaining 4 different blogs on WordPress, each catering to a different topic. I wasn’t able to keep the blogs updated with latest posts because of all the clutter I had created for myself. Every time I wanted to post, I chose Facebook as it was the easier thing to do. But, blogging on Facebook has its own disadvantages. It’s slow, what you post is lost in a sea of posts including on your own timeline, it’s not easy to find a post you posted 10 months ago and so on..

Considering all the above issues, I have merged all my blogs into one – aconfusedhead.wordpress.com and I am now finding it easy to continuously post what I have in mind. This also means that you, as a follower of this page, will see updates every now and then about my posts. I will be posting a variety of posts that include poems, stories from my life, travel blogs, photographs, my view on the society, the culture and the politics of India, about cities, Bangalore, movie reviews, food.. Just about everything I’m interested in.

So, if you think you’d be interested in receiving these updates, stay subscribed. If you think you’d not be interested, then please “unfollow” the page. If you think you’d be interested in reading my posts once in a while, but are not happy with receiving multiple updates in a week or fortnight, turn the notifications off.

Even though I’d be happy to have as many readers reading my posts, I’m posting these to satisfy my own-self primarily. That’s me, frankly.